Getting your roof ready for autumn

 We know we never really had a summer but believe it or not, autumn is fast approaching. Whilst the weather’s still (occasionally) warm, in between BBQs it’s always a good idea to prepare your home, and specifically your roof, for the autumn months coming up.

Clear out your gutters. Once the leaves start coming down, any small blockage can quickly become a big one. The rain will compound everything and there is risk of damage to the gutters and drain pipes. This will also increase the risk of blocking your drains, and unblocking drains is an expense you don’t need in the run up to Christmas (I’m sorry, Christmas is coming again soon as well!)

Fix any little leaks. A small leak in summer can be a big pain in autumn. A small repair now is much more preferable than having to making the repair when the weather is bad as well as fixing any damage that the rain and damp has caused.

Good roofing companies are happy to carry out these small preventative jobs for you. Here at Next Generation Roofing consider ourselves one leading suppliers of services for roofing Ipswich wide, and carry out roof clearing and cleaning, and spot repairs as well as the larger jobs. Give us a call for a competitive quote or even just for some advice on preparing roof for autumn.