Why Use Rubber Roofing For Your Property

The roof of a property is obviously fundamental to the success of the building, and whilst most roofs are structurally sound, over time they will age and need repairing and eventually replacing. If you are looking at re-roofing your property, you may be looking at the usual materials; tile and slate are probably the most widely used.

Modern Day Materials

However, in this day and age we are no longer as limited when it comes to materials used for building, and many people are looking at a new material for roofing. Rubber roofing is a novel concept that many might not have heard of and may not have seriously considered in the past, but here’s a look at rubber roofing and why you might use if for your property.
Don’t panic, rubber roofing isn’t thinly stretched rubber stretched over the top of a house and isn’t black and shiny.

rubber roofing


Rubber roofing comes in a variety of different shapes. Sometimes it can come in rolls; this is usually the case for flat roofs, and if can just be rolled across the surface. Other times you can get individual pieces but this is less common.
Rubber roofing is no more expensive than other kinds of flat roofing materials, in fact it can be cheaper, but what you really get is value for money.

One of the main problems with flat roofing is that water sitting on it in bad weather means that it can get damaged very easily and because water doesn’t drain down like it would on a sloped roof, flat roofs are prone to leaks. With rubber roofing both of these problems are much less of an issue.

Strength and Reliability

Rubber is a really durable material and rubber roofs can last up to 50 years when installed correctly by a professional roofing company. There is next to no maintenance involved in rubber roofing – they do not need regular resurfacing in the same way that tar might. Any repairs that need carrying out can be done easily without a lot of expense or the whole roof needing replacing in the way you might need to with a fibreglass flat roof.

Rubber roofing is also ideal for those that are more environmentally minded. The long lasting nature of it will last longer and so lessen the need for new materials to be used, but rubber roofing is also often made of recycled materials, and can usually be recycled after use instead of just being thrown away. Rubber roofs are much more attractive than other flat roofing, with a sleek and polished finish, and wears a lot less in terms of colour.

If you are looking at a new flat roof, don’t just reach for the conventional. Think outside the box with rubber roofing for an inexpensive yet long lasting roof.